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Kodu (formerly known as Boku) is the mascot character of Kodu Game Lab. Like most bots, Kodu can move and jump, but he moves slowly. His color can be changed at will using Kode.


Kodu is a little slow and has trouble getting up steep slopes.


Kodu is made out of a textured material, and a gray visor-like head that contains his eyes, and has got an antenna on his head that is very flexible


Kodu is by default slower than other robots, but has the ability of jumping, like most, can shoot blips and missiles, launch objects and creatables, change colors, create, and is very expressive.

How to Select[]

Kodu is found on the top on the "add object" men

Changing Options[]

When created, Move the cursor or the mouse to his position and press A or right click on him to make an menu to appear, then go to "Change Settings"