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World is the location in that a Kodu project takes place, Worlds can be made with different ground color and texture, Worlds mainly have robots in those for make a game, Many Worlds can be sent to the Kodu Game Lab Community, A page lists newest worlds and most downloaded worlds, Worlds have to be saved for continue it, but however, without saving it and enter Kodu again, the world still appears.


Main Article: Configuration


Main Article: Ground

Ground is a surface on Earth, Ground is mainly the floor of worlds made in Kodu Game Lab, Ground can have color and texture and bots mainly stand on it, ground is normally a mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and countless organisms. The Ground is completely flat and thin.


Main Article: Water

Water is a transparent chemical substance, Water is mainly used for make water-related things like seas, rivers and lakes. Water can have color like Ground, Water normally has a transparent light blue color. Water plays an important role in the world economy.


  • Besides Most Downloaded Worlds and the Newest Worlds, the site also lists Featured Worlds.